Top 5 Discounted GTA Online Cars for September 22-28, 2022

Players have a few good options (Images formuladriver22/Imgur)

Another week has passed and a new GTA Online update has been made available to players. This week has been pretty hectic for Rockstar Games due to the massive GTA 6 leak that happened. Fortunately, this didn’t affect the current title and players can enjoy the new deals and discounts they get on various things.

Like any other update released in the past, the most anticipated aspect of this one has to be the discounted cars for players to buy. This week’s collection is a mixed bag, so players may need some clues as to which vehicle to get.

To help them out, this article will recommend five of the best-priced cars they should get in GTA Online this week.

Note: This article reflects the subjective opinion of the writer. All top speeds are measured in-game by Broughy1322.

5 Best Currently Discounted Cars in GTA Online That Players Should Consider Buying, Ranked

5) Annis Euros

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The Annis Euros may not have the most appealing design, but the performance makes up for this mistake. If players are looking for a car with really solid handling, this is the one to buy. In addition, due to its high weight, it almost never loses grip and is easy to steer through tight bends.

It can reach a top speed of 116.5 mph, which is actually pretty good and has decent acceleration too. In addition, it has very responsive brakes, making it a great choice for drifting.

In addition, GTA Online players can always upgrade the look of the car to make it more attractive to them. This vehicle is currently 40% off and can be purchased for $810,000.

4) Italian RSX

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The first thing players notice about this car is its beautiful design, which is not surprising as it is based on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. So if you have it, everyone will definitely be the center of attention.

But this is not all, as the RSX has an excellent top speed of 135.25 mph. As such, players have nothing to worry about when entering races with it.

The only aspect players should pay attention to is handling, as this car has a tendency to spin out. However, it has amazing durability, especially when compared to other cars in the same class.

This is a car that many GTA Online players were hoping to get a discount on, and they finally got it this week. The Itali RSX is one of the fastest cars in the game, as well as one of the most expensive, but now with a 30% discount, players can buy it for $2,425,500 – $1,819,125.

3) GB200

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The GB200 is the perfect off-road car as it has some of the best handling, traction and braking performance. As such, players looking to overcome uneven surfaces should definitely get one.

Even though it has a relatively low top speed of 114.25 mph, it still has great acceleration. Plus, it’s just a really fun car to drive. And if players want to participate in rallies, there are no better options than GB200.

It also has a unique look that will appeal to many players as its core design is based on the Ford RS200. So players looking for aesthetics should really give this car a shot. Currently it is 40% off and they can get it for $564,000.

2) Sultan RS Classic

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The design of the Sultan RS Classic is based on the Subaru Impreza, making it very memorable and adaptable. So if a player is looking for a great car with lots of customization options, then it’s perfect to own.

It has a good top speed of 217 km/h and has very responsive brakes and steering so it can be used for both racing and drifting. It tends to spin out, but players can fix that with upgrades.

In any case, it is a great car and an all-rounder. GTA Online players can get it at 40% off, which means paying $1,073,400 – $805,050.

1) Futo GTX

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Futo GTX is arguably the best drift car that GTA Online players can get in the game. It is based on the legendary Toyota AE86, which many anime fans might recognize Initial D.

It has a compact design that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics, making it a must-have if players are looking for great JDM cars. When it comes to performance, the Futo GTX has great acceleration and a top speed of 119.8 mph.

The main selling point of this car is its handling and how great it is at drifting. So if players want to drift in GTA Online, this is the only car they need. Right now the discount on it is 40%, which makes it available for $954,000 – $715,500.

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