Top 5 largest car expositions in the world

Top 5 largest car expositions in the world

People’s love for cars is infinite. It is an object that brings many people together. In many countries, car expositions are organized to celebrate cars and their love for cars. At these events, car manufacturers promote their new launches and future projects. It is also an opportunity for the buyers to test and check the upcoming cars. These shows act as a direct link between the creators and the market. There are many important events around the world. The trend for this kind of car exhibition started in the 19th century. Today, these events experience more than hundreds of thousands of total spectators in two or three days. We have listed the top 5 shows in the world. Check out the list and make your plan to visit one of these motorcycle shows.

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Paris Motor Show

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It was the world’s first auto show: the Paris Motor Show. The Paris Motor Show was first held in 1898 and is held every two years. It is one of the essential shows where new productions are often made, and concept cars are launched here. Paris is known for expert automotive design and engineering. In 2016, the most visitor records were set with 1,253,513 visitors. The last Paris auto show was held in 2018 as the 2020 show was canceled due to Covid-19. The next front is scheduled for October 2022.

Geneva International Motor Show

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This is one of the most important car shows in the world. It is held every year in March. This show is hosted in Palexpo. It is a convention center in Geneva. This motorcycle show was first born in 1905. Most concept and production cars are launched for the first time at the Geneva International Motor Show

Car Shanghai

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China, one of the top auto producing countries, hosts a colossal auto show called Auto Shanghai. It is held every other year. The first Auto Shanghai took place in the 1980s. This show allows car manufacturers to launch and release their cars in the Asian market. Auto Shanghai will be held at the National Center for Exhibition and Convention in Shanghai. It is the first Chinese auto show and now one of the most important international auto shows.

Woodward Dream Cruise

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It is a dream event for all car enthusiasts. Woodward Dream Cruise is held in Detroit, Michigan. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to this event to experience more than 30,000 muscle cars, hot rods, and more. It is the world’s largest one-day automotive event. With more than 1.5 million spectators in one day was a record. It is held every year on the third Sunday of August.

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Frankfurt Motor Show

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The largest mobility show in the world is the Frankfurt Motor Show, also known as International Mobility Show. It started in 1897 and is held every year. Separated for commercial and passenger cars. The commercial vehicle event is held in even years, while for passenger vehicles it is held every odd year. This event will be held at two locations, separated for commercial and passenger vehicles. Many new concept vehicles and production cars are launched during this event.