Top 6 least expensive cars to maintain are all Toyotas

2023 Toyota Corolla XSE wheel

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2023 Toyota Corolla XSE wheel
Photo: Toyota

If you want to save money on your next car, there are many factors to consider, not the least of which is the cost of maintaining that car during the time you have it. This is according to a new report from CarEdge. comthe least expensive car to maintain in 5-10 years is a Toyota. Next is a Toyota. And then… another Toyota… and another… and another.

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That’s right, of the 265 models evaluated, Toyota rounded out the top six and was by far the cheapest brand to maintain on average. CarEdge says you can spend about $1,605 servicing your Toyota for the first five years and $5,996 for the first 10 years. If you Mitsubishi instead, the highest-ranked brand after Toyota, you’d expect to spend 26% and 30% more over the first five and 10 years, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, the top five brands are all Japanese. MINI is the first non-Japanese brand to appear on the list, followed by Volkswagen, GMC, kiaand hyundai to round out the top 10. The bottom six brands were all American. The Stellantis brand had the worst results, but even the top American brand, GMC, still cost 40% more to maintain than Toyota.

According to CarEdge, the Chevrolet Spark is the least expensive American car to maintain. It ranks 40th among non-luxury models, costs 47% more than the leading Prius and is Discontinued. The worst performing brand is RAM, with an average maintenance cost of $16,802 – about 280% more than the Toyota average.

The top six models within five years are the Toyota Yaris, Corolla, Prius, Camry, Prius Prime and Avalon, with the hybrid models performing slightly better over the 10-year period. The best-selling RAV4 SUV was only 21st, but it was the second highest-ranked SUV, behind only Toyota’s own C-HR. In fact, there are no non-Toyota utility models until the Kia Soul at rank 60, which shows how much more expensive it can be to own a large vehicle.

Moral of the story: If you want to save money on car repairs, buy a Japanese sedan or hatchback, stay away from American brands, and avoid trucks and large SUVs.

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