Top 9 Worst Electric Cars

Top 9 Worst Electric Cars

Ever heard of the Lucas electrics joke? Of course you have. Lucas – the company that invented the short circuit. Lucas light switches with three positions – your choice of dim, flicker or off. Lucas vacuum cleaners – the only Lucas product that doesn’t vacuum. And so on.

The fact is, these jokes are about as tired as we are hearing them. We have long term personal experience with Lucas electricity in an old Alfa Romeo and they were all that not done pause. As far as we can tell, Lucas is getting a bad rap because British Leyland used them. And a more deadly kiss of death is impossible to blow.

But before we start making some tired BL jokes, we go to the taxi. It had a range of 100 miles in the city and a top speed of 60 mph. Which it never would have achieved, because… you know, London. Once consumed, the batteries could be swapped out at a garage, depot or even a taxi rank in the time it would take to burn a Chesterfield and ogle a page three girl, and another 100 miles would be ready to go. take passengers everywhere. Except south of the river, of course. And that’s the triumvirate of the tired joke.

It didn’t take off for the obvious reason in hindsight — no one who could put money where their mouth was, thought there was any economic sense in an electric taxi, so Lucas threw the project in the trash. How times change, don’t you?