Top Gear: Chris Harris rates Jaguar as best classic police car – ‘Grace and refinement’

Top Gear: Chris Harris rates Jaguar as best classic police car - 'Grace and refinement'

The classic British-made model was voted the best police force by more than half (53 percent) of those polled in a new poll commissioned by Top Gear. It was closely followed by Gene Hunt’s Audi Quattro from Ashes to Ashes (43 percent), and the Ferrari 308 GTS that shone in Magnum, PI (41 percent).

The survey of 1,000 British adults anticipates Sunday’s second episode of the new series, in which the presenters put several legendary TV crime-fighting cars to the test, with hilarious results.

The episode celebrates an era when police cars on television were just as famous and recognizable as the actors who drove them.

In the new episode, host Chris Harris spoke about his admiration for the iconic Jaguar featured in Morse and how it impressed him.

He said: “The Mark 2 originally had a reputation for grace and sophistication, but in the 1980s, when Morse was on TV, it had a different image, it was more bank robber than stately home.

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The Ford Sierra Cosworth driven by Freddie Spender (24 percent), Jim Bergerac’s 2000 Triumph Roadster (24 percent) and Z Cars’ Ford Zephyr (21 percent) narrowly missed a place in the poll.

A whopping 70 percent of respondents said the design and iconic look of a car are the most desirable features.

On this week’s show, Freddie is not only a ride in memory of some of their old cop car favorites, but also on a mission to give the Sinclair C5 another eccentric adventure.

In it, he literally puts his neck on the line by trying to break the national speed limit in a C5 bobsled – dubbed the “Ski5” of course – along Norway’s Lillehammer Olympic toboggan run.

Freddie Flintoff, Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness are back for their sixth series behind the wheel – Top Gear airs this Sunday at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The 10 Most Beloved TV Police and Detective Cars in the Country

1. Jaguar Mark 2 – Inspector Morse, Morse (53 percent)

2. Audi Quattro – Gene Hunt, Ashes to Ashes (43 percent)

3. Ferrari 308 GTS – Thomas Magnum, Magnum PI (41 percent)

4. Ford Capri – William Bodie and Ray Doyle, The Professionals (41 percent)

5. Ford Gran Torino – Dave Starsky, Starsky and Hutch (40 percent)

6. Ferrari Testarossa – Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice (37 percent)

7. Land Rover Defender – Vera Stanhope, Vera (33 percent)

8. Ford Consul GT – Inspector Jack Regan, The Sweeney (28 percent)

9. Ford Cortina – Gene Hunt, life on Mars (27 percent)

10. Mercedes SL and Ford Escort XR3i convertible – Harriet and Jim, Dempsey and Makepeace (27 percent)