Top NFL Draft Pick Involved in Car Accident Before Draft

Top NFL Draft Pick Involved in Car Accident Before Draft

A top NFL Draft pick was involved in a car accident on Thursday night before his name was called. According to multiple reportsTravon Walker, a defensive lineman named #1 by the Jacksonville Jaguars, was in a “serious car accident” in Athens, Georgia, crashing into two parked cars. Walker was not injured and there were no citations.

Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports asked Walker about the accident and he downplayed it because he said it was a “small fender bender”. TMZ Sports obtained the crash report who said the incident happened on April 16. Walker was driving his Dodge Durango around 11 p.m. local time “when he lost control of the vehicle and hit 2 parked cars.” According to the documents, Walker “didn’t drink” and was wearing a seat belt. His car was towed after it sustained irreparable damage.

Jaguars fans are happy that Walker is okay as he is expected to do big things for the team this fall. Walker made history when he was drafted as No. 1 overall. He is the first University of Georgia defensive player to be selected as No. 1 overall and he is the first top pick player without being named to an All-American or All-Conference team in his college career.

“I’m the type of person who only controls what I can control,” Walker told reporters after he was called up. “That moment… it was the combine, so I just attacked the task and did what I had to do. Everything worked as it should, and everyone started to realize how good a player I can be and how good a player I was at school.”

Last season, Walker helped the Georgia Bulldogs win their first national championship since the 1980 season. In 15 games, Walker registered 37 tackles, 7.5 tackles for losses and six sacks with a team-high 36 QB rushing. He was one of five Bulldogs players drafted in the first round. “I’m definitely prepared for it,” Walker said. “As the number 1 pick, I have to say there are a lot of expectations behind it. But I’m one… it’s just a game of soccer for me.