Top police tips to keep cars safe as numbers chart the rise in vehicle theft in the West Midlands

Police seized a stash of stolen car parts after raiding a West Bromwich scrapyard
Police have seized a stash of stolen car parts after a robbery at a scrap yard in West Bromwich

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that the West Midlands Police recorded 3,989 vehicle thefts.

A spokesman for the West Midlands Police said: “Vehicle thefts have increased by a third in the past year, driven by a global shortage of auto parts, and we suspect many cars end up in chop shops where they are dismantled for parts. support our car crime campaign by reporting suspicious behavior at garages or industrial units that may indicate they are acting as chippers.

“Vehicle crime is one of the top priorities for the police right now.”

The statistics come as a number of chop shops have been found in the West Midlands area with stolen vehicles and stolen car parts found in the properties, and now West Midlands Police are urging people to support the campaign and prevent suspicious behavior to garages or industrial companies. units that may indicate that they act as chop shops, where many stolen vehicles end up.

In the past few months alone, there have been several raids on forage harvesters in the region, all of which have been found to have stolen vehicles or parts.

Police were able to track down a stolen Range Rover that led them to the location.

Three men were arrested in April after a stash of stolen car parts was seized during a police raid on a Black Country scrap yard in Kelvin Way, West Bromwich.

These arrests were made on the basis of intelligence that suggested the site was handling and breaking down stolen vehicles.

Vehicle theft is rife not just in the West Midlands but across the country, and police have put measures in place for owners to do everything they can to prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

On Thursday, July 14, five masked men attempted to retrieve an Audi S3 from a driveway using the viral method of key scanning, but when that method failed, the thieves attempted to break into the property but were deterred as soon as the sirens of the home security began to wail.

Carefully planned operations have taken place in the city, with many areas, including Goldthorn Park and Penn in particular, being the target of car theft.

After thieves failed in their attempts to take over Honor Avenue’s Audi, it was later revealed that three vehicles also believed to have been stolen had been used in the operation and seven people were involved.

Car thieves tried to steal an Audi in Wolverhampton but failed after being deterred by home security systems
Car thieves tried to steal an Audi in Wolverhampton but failed after being deterred by home security systems

Police officers who attended praised the residents for doing everything they could to have cameras and sensitive home security alarms, but also said owners can only do so much to deter thieves.

The West Midlands Police have launched a campaign called the ‘Car Crime Campaign’ urging people to support the campaign and follow their advice on measures to deter vehicle thieves.

The steps of the West Midlands Police Force are:

  • Make sure ‘your fob has done the job’ and passengers have not left a window or door open, even slightly.

  • Consider using a Sold Secure tested and approved steering wheel lock that ideally provides full coverage of the steering wheel.

  • To protect your passive access vehicle from a relay attack, visit the Secured By Design website to search for products using keywords ‘car key shielding’. Also think about your spare keys.

  • Check with your primary dealer that – regardless of vehicle age – all recalls have been completed and software and firmware have been updated.

  • Check with your main dealer about the latest security measures that can be retrofitted to older vehicles. In the event of damage, this can cost less than the deductible of your insurance.

  • Find out which aftermarket security products are available from third parties. You can find these on the Thatcham, Secured By Design, and Sold Secure websites.

  • Some vehicles today have tracking as standard, but you can install an approved aftermarket vehicle tracker and search Thatcham’s website for independently tested products.

  • Keep full control of your keys. Valet parking, car washes and even some garages appear to copy keys.

  • Do not leave anything visible in the vehicle. Navigation systems/dashcams, loose change and bags are all attractive to thieves.

  • When parking, always choose a well-lit location with natural or electronic monitoring. Make use of a parking space marked with the ‘Park Mark’ as much as possible.

  • At home, if you have a garage, use it. Consider installing security lights or CCTV to improve deterrence.

  • Think about where you leave your keys at home. Don’t leave keys close to the front door, no matter how convenient it is. Never take them to bed either.