Top Recalls for Week 8/8 Include More Nutrition Drinks, Vehicles

Close up of a dart on a dart board holding a sticky note that reads: product recall.
Close-up of a dart on a dartboard with a sticky note that reads: product recall.
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Kia, Volkswagen, Vi-Jon, Lyon Magnus recalls overview:

  • Who: Kia, Volkswagen, Vi-Jon and Lyons Magnus all faced recalls for their respective products this week.
  • Why: These top recalls revolve around product safety and potential risk of damage.
  • Where: The recalls are effective nationwide.

A number of popular companies, retailers and manufacturers announced top recalls this week for products that could potentially harm consumers.

Kia recalls 2012-2013 Optima vehicles

On August 1 Kia has issued a recall on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website for 257,998 of the 2012 and 2013 model year Optima sedans.

Kia launched an investigation into the issue in early May after a consumer filed a product liability lawsuit alleging he was injured while deploying an airbag. The recall states that because the right and left headliner plates in the vehicle’s ceilings may not be properly secured, the plates could become detached in the event of a side curtain airbag deployment. This could result in a resident being hit by the plate, which would have happened in the lawsuit.

The Kia recall encourages Optima owners to take their vehicles to a dealer who will put industrial tape over the plates to secure them.

Kia also faces a class action lawsuit filed by Ann Brady and Leah Price in Iowa federal court. Brady and Price Claim Kia Didn’t Comply with… Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the production of vehicles without immobilizer between 2011 and 2021.

The two claim affecting Hyundai and Kia cars can continue to be driven and moved forward even without a key in the ignition, making them more prone to car theft.

Three Volkswagen recalls affect 46,000 vehicles

Another recent top recall concerns Volkswagen. End of July, Volkswagen announced three recalls for different vehicles.

In the initial recall, 1,216 vehicles had defective airbags that could explode. The affected vehicles contained airbags from the company ARC, which, according to the recall from Volkswagen, have been linked to injuries and even one fatality in other car brands.

The second recall concerns 43,091 vehicles that may have a defective rear view camera that is not showing up due to a manufacturing defect in the infotainment system. A rearview camera that doesn’t display an image reduces the driver’s view and could increase the risk of an accident, the recall states.

Finally, a third recall from Volkswagen concerns 2,238 vehicles that may be prone to sunroof failure. The touch switch for the sunroof on the vehicles may be too sensitive, allowing it to be accidentally pressed, the recall said. Unintentional automatic closing of the sunroof can increase the risk of injury.

Volkswagen is encouraging consumers to take their affected vehicles to a dealer where the company will update the software and replace faulty fleets.

Vi-Jon laxative recall expanded internationally

Vi-Jon’s nationwide recall of over 55 branded laxatives sold at major pharmacies has now expanded for the third time, this time internationally. The recall now includes 58 laxatives sold under different brands in cherry, lemon and grape flavors. Look here for the latest list of recalled products.

The affected products were found to contain the bacteria gluconacetobacter liquefaciens, which may increase the risk of invasive infections for immunocompromised people, leading to serious, life-threatening adverse health effects, the recall said.

Vi-Jon will continue to notify its customers by telephone and email and will arrange for the return or destruction of all recalled products. It encourages consumers to stop using the recalled product and return it to the place of purchase.

Lyons Magnus Expands Food & Beverage Recall

Rounding out our list of top memories is Lyons Magnus, who announced it extended its recall of 53 products through more than 100 additional product codes. The expanded recall now includes additional brands such as Organic Valley, Cafe Grumpy, Tone It Up, Uproot and Sated. The initial recall also included popular products made under the Oatly, Stumptown and Pirq brands, including Premier Protein.

The recall was prompted by a potential for microbial contamination, including from the organisms cronobacter sakazakii and clostridium botulinum, which can cause severe food poisoning, the recall statement said.

Lyons Magnus is warning consumers not to consume any of the recalled drinks, even if they don’t look or smell bad.

Have you recently purchased any of the products listed in our top recalls? Let us know in the comments.

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