Top Stellantis designer wants to remove all touchscreens from car interiors

Top Stellantis designer wants to remove all touchscreens from car interiors
2022 Ram 1500 Limited 10th Edition Interior

Some people love the latest technological advancements and all the new updates, from your smartphone to the touchscreen dashboard in your car. But there are also a few people who consider touch screens in cars all the rage, including a top designer from Stellantis.

Thierry Métroz, chief designer of Citroën’s DS, hopes one day to be finally freed from seeing touchscreens in car interiors.

“It’s a big trend right now to have [a lot of] screens, but I think it’s a bit silly, because not having a dashboard anymore, just a big screen, is not our philosophy within DS,” said Métroz car† “Our goal is to remove all screens in our future interiors. The problem with the screen is that when you turn off your screen, you’re just left with a rectangular black surface with all the fingerprints on it. It’s not very sexy; it’s not very fancy.”

“Of course we have to provide the information to the driver,” continues Métroz. “It’s a big challenge.”

Arguing that touchscreens distract drivers, a new question arises: How are drivers going to control the growing array of functions in modern cars? By allowing car manufacturers to concentrate all vehicle activities in a single console, a touchscreen system can be used for different models. In addition, some modes, such as GPS, require some sort of visual aid.

Métroz had no alternative solution to removing the touchscreens, saying they should use “less intrusive” replacements that provide “more calmness” to the driving experience.

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