TV Tonight: The Policewoman Who Investigated Princess Diana’s Car Accident | Television & radio

Diana investigation: death in Paris

9 p.m., channel 4

August 31 will mark 25 years since Diana, Princess of Wales, Dodi Al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul were killed in a car accident after being chased by paparazzi – hence the deluge of shows dedicated to her in recent weeks. This four-part documentary series examines the details of the crash and speaks with the emergency response teams and detectives who worked to find answers amid tabloid accusations, public speculation and conspiracy theories. The first episode features insights from Police Chief Martine Monteil. Hollie Richardson

My second-hand house

7 p.m., channel 4

For once this is a real estate show with some awareness of social issues. Two couples compete for the most stylish one while furnishing their home completely with second-hand items. Because even if it’s admirably eco, what real estate exchange can’t do without a little competition? Alexi Duggins

Van der Valk

8pm, ITV

Who fatally attacked classical musician and former child prodigy Fleur Mas with acid in a concert hall foyer full of witnesses? The eponymous Dutch detective and co discover a rat’s nest of high-level corruption: an international sex trafficking network with ties to politicians and royalty. Was Fleur’s murder meant to send a message? Ali Catterall


9pm, BBC One

Stefan Golaszewski’s drama about an ordinary married couple still doesn’t shy away from leaning on sparse scripted scenes where, say, someone gets a midnight snack. Tonight, Ian (Sean Bean) doesn’t know what to do with himself, while Emma (Nicola Walker) takes an overnight business trip with her boss Jamie (Henry Lloyd-Hughes). HR

Afghanistan: get out

9pm, BBC Two

“Mainly a PR opportunity for him.” This is John Bolton’s damning verdict on Donald Trump’s stance on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. In reality, as the second part of this series shows, the disaster that unfolded was not Trump’s only fault; it had its roots in the misunderstood invasion, corruption in Afghanistan and much more. Phil Harrison

better things

10pm, BBC Two

It costs Sam (Pamela Adlon) a $27,000 bribe to convince all three daughters to get together for a family gathering, where she asks them to stop using their cell phones for a week (good luck with that). In the second of tonight’s double bill, Sam gets her UK citizenship. HR

live sports

Premier League Football: Leeds v Chelsea, 2pm, Sky Sports Main Event Van Ellandweg. Followed by Newcastle v Man City at 4pm.