Two of Chevrolet’s Best Sports Cars Take on a JDM Legend on the 1/4 Mile

Nissan 300ZX vs Chevrolet Nova

A highly tuned Nissan 300ZX has its hands full as it races a classic Chevy Nova and a more modern C6 Corvette at ZMAX Dragway in Charlotte, NC.

On the YouTube channel Drag Racing and car stuff, a seriously fast Nissan 300ZX takes on an eager competition at the Street Car Takeover. the 1996 Nissan 300ZX is called “Devil Z” and is the world’s fastest standard chassis Z32. The Devil Z also appeared in The fastest car on Netflix. Watch the video to see how this fast Nissan takes on an Audi sedan, a classic Chevy Nova and a C6 Chevrolet Corvette.

The Devil Z enters the Drag Strip

In the first race of the video, the Nissan 300ZX takes on a black Audi sedan. The muscular appearance of the Nissan is in stark contrast to the conventional standard appearance of the Audi. The Devil Z does a burnout and blows out some smoke before lining up at the starting point. The 300ZX races away quickly and immediately leaves the Audi behind. The final result of this drag strip trip has the 300ZX as the winner with a finish time of 8.90 seconds and a top speed of 152.40 mph. In comparison: the Audi finishes in 11.35 seconds with a top speed of 120.72.

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Next up is a classic Chevy Nova against the 300ZX. This time, each car does a smokey burnout and spins its engines a bit as they head to the starting line. This race proves to be significantly more competitive, with the Nissan and Nova keeping pace with each other over the length of the 1/4 mile stretch. Despite the Nova putting up a respectable fight, the Nissan eventually wins against the classic Chevy a second time. The Nova reaches the end of the strip in 8.99 seconds with a top speed of 151.22 mph compared to the Devil Z’s barely faster 8.94 seconds finish time and 152.68 top speed.

300ZX vs C6 Corvette

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Finally, there’s a Chevrolet C6 Corvette against the 300ZX. Like the Nova, the C6 Corvette proves to be a competitive match for the 300ZX. From the start to the end of the 1/4 mile, the Corvette manages to stay close to the 300ZX, but despite the Corvette’s best efforts, the 300ZX manages to maintain a slight lead over the C6 for the entire 1/15 4 miles while the Corvette never catches up to him. The final result of the race is for the Nissan to win again, with a finish time of 8.96 seconds and a top speed of 145.53 mph. The Corvette finishes in 9.16 seconds with a top speed of 151.95 mph.