Uber sends Tesla-specific instructions for Model 3, Model Y drivers

Uber sends Tesla-specific instructions for Model 3, Model Y drivers

Through text messages, Uber provides essential information to Model 3 and Model Y drivers about Tesla vehicles.

Since its Model 3 ramp, the Tesla brand has gained significant exposure in mainstream culture. Many people can probably recognize a Tesla from afar by now. Elon Musk, the Model Y and Cybertruck have only increased Tesla’s popularity.

However, there are still a few details about Tesla vehicles that most people don’t know about. One of the most important – and probably most important – details that people still don’t know about Teslas is how to open their doors.

Now that Tesla vehicles have entered ride-hailing fleets, such as Hertz and Uber, more people are being exposed. But some still don’t know how to approach a Tesla.

Uber decided to help their Model 3 and Model Y drivers familiarize themselves with Teslas. For starters, Uber will send a Tesla-specific notification to drivers who book a Model 3 or Model Y. Through the messages, Uber drivers learn to use Tesla’s door handles properly. The ride-hailing company also shared a video showing customers how to get in and out of a Tesla vehicle.

Uber’s Tesla-specific reports suggest there is still information many people don’t know about the EV manufacturer’s vehicles. Uber drivers aren’t the only ones unfamiliar with Teslas. Some of the drivers who stopped the Tesla taxi in New York also didn’t know how the car’s door handles worked. So it might be a good idea to post fun, informative ads about the EV car maker’s cars.

By providing basic information about Tesla, Uber helps the larger population get to know the brand and the cars it builds. While EVs are gaining popularity in the automotive market, there are still many people in North America and around the world who don’t know much about electric vehicles in general. As the reigning leader of the EV market, details about Tesla vehicles seem like a great place to start for those just learning about electric vehicles.

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Tesla Uber Notifications Show That Informational Ads Can Be a Good Idea: Opinion


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