US News’ 4 best big cars for 2022 won’t be available for much longer

A white 2023 Nissan Maxima parked

Once the crown jewel of automakers, large sedans are a dying breed. On the contrary, already almost in the grave. As car manufacturers focus on meeting the demand for SUVs and production of electric vehicles, customers have to say goodbye to what was the standard American car. US News & World Report has put together a list to show what’s left in the large segment, and while these cars are among the best large cars for 2022, the following are the last four still on sale and will not be available for much longer.

What replaces the Toyota Avalon?

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Toyota killed the Avalon in August 2022; sadly, the four-wheel drive and TRD models were ditched last year. Edmunds reports that the Avalon was replaced by Toyota’s all-new, high-riding, hybrid-only Crown. Since the last Avalons have sold out, shoppers can pick up a base model for $36,375. Higher trim levels will run just over $43,000.