Volkswagen CEO wants to take the EV crown from Tesla by 2025

Volkswagen aims to grab the top spot in the global electric car market by 2025. (REUTERS)

Volkswagen hopes that the crisis in the automotive supply chain will ease somewhat in the second half of this year.

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May 25, 2022, 13:18

Volkswagen aims to take the top spot in the global electric car market by 2025. (REUTERS)

German auto giant Volkswagen aims to take first place in the global electric car market by 2025 and topple the current number one Tesla, CEO Herbert Diess hinted in an interview. The Volkswagen CEO is hopeful that his company can make and pass Tesla in global EV sales by 2025. This comes at a time when Tesla CEO Elon Musk has publicly said he considers Volkswagen the number two automaker in the EV space.

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Speaking to CNBC, Diess said Tesla currently occupies the leading position in the global EV market and that it is also the most digital auto company and has some advantages. “We are still striving to keep pace and probably catch up by 2025 when it comes to sales,” he added. Interestingly, Volkswagen is the latest car brand to publicly announce its intention to overtake Tesla in the near future. Earlier, General Motors CEO Mary Barra expressed the ambition to lead the electric vehicle market by 2025 by making two million cars a year.

Jim Farley, another Ford CEO in the US, echoed a similar plan when he said the automaker plans to challenge Tesla and other brands and become the best EV maker in the world. Farley said Ford aims to build two million EVs each year by 2026 to reach the target.

Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors are aiming for Tesla to take the top spot in the global EV market by 2025-2026. The entire Tesla EV lineup looks set to get more expensive by then. This could lead the other car manufacturers to sell their electric cars at very competitive prices to get more consumer attention.

The Volkswagen CEO also believes that the global supply chain crisis will ease somewhat later this year, giving the German car brand a boost towards the second half of this year.

Date of first publication: May 25, 2022, 13:17 IST