Volkswagen ID. Aero Electric Sedan is a sign of good things to come

Volkswagen ID. Aero Outdoor Shot

in 2020, Volkswagen introduce the world to the ID. brand: the new generation of pure electric vehicles from the German car manufacturer. Many considered the introduction of ID. cars as one of the most important transformations in the history of Volkswagen. This was followed by news that the German auto giant is poised to ramp up its investment in EVs and digitalization to €89 billion over the next five years. It is estimated that by 2026, one of every four cars sold will have a battery-powered electric motor.

Recently, the green deal agreed by the European Union has also encouraged major auto industry players to ramp up production of EVs in a bid to reduce global warming. A major player like Volkswagen investing a large amount in EVs will encourage other players to follow suit, contributing to lower CO2 emissions and reducing the car’s role in climate change.

VW’s ID cars are a big hit among car enthusiasts, and the Das Auto brand will take its game to another level by introducing the ID. Sky. The German car company recently unveiled the ID. Aero concept car in China. And judging by what we’ve seen and heard, the Volkswagen ID. Aero is a sign of good things to come. Let’s see why.

Volkswagen’s first all-electric sedan

June 27, 2022 witnessed the world premiere of VW’s latest concept car – a taste of the flagship electric vehicle family. The Volkswagen ID. Aero was unveiled as the German car company’s first all-electric sedan. The brilliant minds at VW are working to build a premium EV that is life size, based on both performance and experience.

Often, EVs are written off as cars that cannot match the performance of fossil fuel vehicles. The ID. Aero is expected to be another mega entry challenging that idea. Being the company’s first-ever all-electric sedan also brings its own emotions to the minds at VW. They want the ID. Aero to leave a great impression on EV enthusiasts around the world.

The success of the ID. Aero will be very crucial to the future generation of VW’s electric vehicle family. After the success of the ID. 4, this will be the company’s next global car, targeting markets in Europe, the US and China. Given the billions the company has decided to invest in EVs, the ID. Aero will take on a huge responsibility.

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Volkswagen ID. Aero: stats and numbers

One look at some of the facts and figures, and it becomes clear why the ID. Aero is so special. Characterized by first-class materials and extraordinary space, the interiors are stunning. It is just as beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside. Characterized by a Polar Light Blue Metallic paint – a light metallic color with pigments that create a golden sheen in suitable lighting conditions, the ID. Aero is a marvel to watch. The roof – painted in high-gloss black to contrast with the light blue metallic paint – complements the body.

On the front are honeycomb motifs typical of VW’s electric cars. Another notable feature that makes VW’s first all-electric sedan stand out is the narrow strip of light that extends horizontally across the front and runs into the fenders and side panels. Thanks to the aerodynamic design, users are promised an exclusive driving experience. The ID. The Aero is expected to offer a range of over 385 miles, making it one of the most efficient electric vehicles on the market. A length of almost five meters makes it ideal, based on the aerodynamics principles on which the design is based. The roof slopes back, giving it a coupé-like look and achieving an excellent drag coefficient of 0.23.

The ID. Aero is a total powerhouse, thanks to a powerful lithium-ion battery with a net energy content of 77 kWh. The aforementioned WLTP range of 385 miles is achieved thanks to the efficient drive system and excellent aerodynamics of this VW concept car. Such impressive numbers make the ID. Aero an excellent choice for both short and long distances. From bringing and collecting your kids to school, to those unforgettable long weekend trips, the ID. Aero concept is a reliable friend for all situations and circumstances.

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The ID. Aero is part of VW’s ACCELERATE strategy

Volkswagen is a brand that always strives to stay ahead. And one of the key focus areas remains to become the most compelling sustainable mobility brand by improving brand equity, scalable platforms and business value. The German car manufacturer aims to achieve this using: the ACCELERATE strategy

This strategy will help VW to prepare systematically and in a timely manner for the major changes in the automotive industry. And the Volkswagen ID. Aero is part of the company’s ACCELERATE strategy to achieve sustainable mobility in the long term. These are exciting times for the automotive industry. The ID. Aero is expected to be a pioneering innovation to realize the European Union’s green initiative.