Watch a 2011 Lincoln Town Car reach top speed on the Autobahn

Watch a 2011 Lincoln Town Car reach top speed on the Autobahn

The Ford Panther platform is one of the most ubiquitous cars ever on American roads, with an astonishing 9.6 million built over more than three decades of production. However, if you see one in Europe is a bit strange because most police departments choose domestic models, and a 212-inch long sedan Doesn’t really fit most smaller European roads. As a result, it’s a little surprising to see a Polish YouTuber frolicking on the German Autobahn, and yet it seems like a natural choice.

Here’s one courtesy of the YouTube channel Petrolhead number one† He shows off the car and then, at around four-and-a-half minutes, hops onto the Autobahn and keeps his foot matted until the speedometer stops climbing. A display on the dash helps show speed more accurately than Lincoln’s 20-mph speedometer; despite the driver trying repeatedly during the video, the Lincoln is limited to just a little over 102 MPH. He seems to be quite relaxed and throws his hands in the air to say “that’s all” when the sedan is upside down. Watching his other videos will make it clear why 100 MPH isn’t an issue; a recent upload shows him behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz E550 that peaked at 155 MPH

Despite the incongruity of seeing a Lincoln zipping across Germany’s limitless speedways, it makes sense for an alternate universe where Europe For real in USDM vehicles. The Town Car is extremely comfortable and generally comparable to a Mercedes-Benz W124: base models are cabs, like the Crown Victoria, and higher models have leather and softer springs. Admittedly, Ford never really built a 150 MPH+ Panther body like Mercedes did with the 500E, but at least you could rip big burnout in the Marauder and that feels close enough.

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