‘We are proud to recognize the best Britain has to offer’

'We are proud to recognize the best Britain has to offer'

Interesting, as always, to talk to the top executive in this year’s Brit List, our annual rundown of the top 50 UK-born executives in the global auto industry. Stuart Rowley may admit he’s a businessman rather than a car nut, but again, here’s a Brit who is at the heart of some of the biggest decisions Ford has already made and will make in the years to come.

It’s probably just coincidence, but this week’s issue of Auto Express magazine turned out to be a bit of a general celebration of British automotive talent – off-road and off-road. While our twin test shows two vehicles at the sharp end of even the richest budget, there’s no question that in the latest Range Rover and current Bentley Bentayga, the UK has two luxury SUVs that are at the top. In this market, British-built cars are the epitome of high quality, engineering and craftsmanship – valuable export products.

You also don’t have to spend six figures to enjoy a car from the UK with modern technology. Nissan has been relatively slow to introduce electrification to its Sunderland-built Juke SUV, but as we found, adopting the Renault Captur’s systems has made this the most compelling version of the current Juke yet.

In fact, the fondness for British brands is so great that, although MG is now based in China and its cars are built there, it continues to make aggressive gains in the sales charts, notably by offering strong options at the most affordable end of the market. expensive electric car market.

That increased popularity has brought its own kind of problem: The company has recently halted orders for some models due to a backlog caused by the shortage of semiconductors. But the news that serious thought is being given to a new all-electric roadster is a sign that MG could finally be ready to return to the British charm that made the brand so popular in the first place.

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