We can’t help but stare at this Pontiac P-1500 pickup

Pontiac P-1500 Pickup render, red, front quarter view

Instagram graphic designer @jlord8 has produced a creative rendering that combines the body styles of two GM vehicles from the 1990s into one unique pickup truck.

Using the body of a Chevrolet Silverado and the front of a Pontiac Grand Prix, the vehicle – which @jlord8 calls a Pontiac P-1500 – is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

A mashup of two cars like never before: the Pontiac P-1500

Looking at the P-1500 immediately gives you a nostalgic feel for General Motors of the early 90s, even though the vehicle never really existed.

The rear body or pickup truck elements of the P-1500 are from a 4th generation Chevy C/K Silverado that ran from the late 1980s to early 2000s.

Also, the front end of the P-1500 largely uses the front end of the fifth-generation Pontiac Grand Prix, which left the GM assembly lines from the late 1980s to around 1996.

In addition, the headlights are immediately recognizable as the Grand Prix of the time, which were both sporty and understated for the brand that evoked excitement.

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The P-1500 appears to use wheels from a Grand Prix, doors from the Silverado, and a cab from an extended cab Silverado from that era.

In a second rendering, jlord8 offers a second grille design option, although the overall design of the vehicle remains largely unbraked.

It’s an interesting look at two vehicles that were popular on American roads in the late ’80s and ’90s, combined into one vehicle; both the Grand Prix and Silverado had similar bright red paint options for the exterior that the rendering uses, making the rendering seem all the more realistic.

Could have been: a vehicle like this P-1500 almost happened

General Motors has mixed body styles and versions of vehicles between their brands in the past.

Given the popularity and profitability of pickup trucks, GM has not backed off from releasing pickup trucks that fell outside of its “bread and butter” pickup range on the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra lines.

The El Camino, Chevy Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade EXT, and Chevrolet SSR are some examples of when GM released an interesting truck, and in the case of the Avalanche and EXT, consumers responded quite well.

Their SSR is a bit controversial, but memorable nonetheless – to imagine Pontiac might have had a pickup truck in their lineup isn’t the most far-fetched idea, in fact, it almost happened.

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Pontiac enthusiasts will recall that the G8 essentially served as a replacement for the Grand Prix.

During its brief time on American soil, the G8 proved to be a popular and respectable performance car that rekindled Pontiac’s reputation for building enjoyable, performance-oriented cars.

It was during this time that rumors circulated that the G8 model range would include a G8 ute, essentially a G8 with a Holden-based pickup truck body.

Unfortunately, the GM bankruptcy of the time and the end of the Pontiac brand never saw the G8 pickup reach dealers.

When you consider that the G8 was the Grand Prix replacement and was almost offered with a pickup bed, the P-1500, or a similar version, almost existed.