We filmed the world’s best parker and it was amazing

We filmed the world's best parker and it was amazing

We’ve all experienced it. You look for a parking space in a busy street and you finally see a space that is free.

But there is a catch. It’s tight, very tight. So, unsure if your parking skills can handle it, reluctantly drive on and continue your quest.

But Gloucestershire’s Alastair Moffatt needn’t worry about that, as he’s just about the best parker in the world. He holds 13 Guinness world records for accurate driving, having developed his driving skills over nearly three decades.

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The 43-year-old, who lives in the village of Corse near Tewkesbury and Gloucester, started practicing on private property as a teenager and has wowed the motorsport world with his stunt driving.

He holds the record for the tightest single, double, triple and reverse parking – and now that I’ve seen him in action, it doesn’t surprise me. Alastair was kind enough to let me film him driving a Mini at high speed in a very small space he had left between two other Minis.

When we started, at the beautiful Prescott Hillclimb near Gotherington, I felt a little apprehensive. Would it be annoying if he couldn’t get it all right?

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Maybe he can blow up the cars a bit. Maybe I should do multiple takes.

Not a little. I didn’t have to worry. It was a pleasure to watch the master at work.

With the minimum of fuss and after just one practice run, I pressed record and whoosh – it went straight into the incredibly tight space, with speed and a handbrake turn.

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Keep in mind that this was one space that many of us would struggle to park in, even if we spent time driving very slowly and carefully, let alone whizzing in so fast that there were skid marks on the road surface.

And the space was only a few centimeters bigger than the one in which he got a Fiat 500C in 2015, setting one of his 13 world records. But of course Alastair is no ordinary driver. He’s good and he knows it and it’s that confidence that has allowed him to make money as a stunt driver.

In addition to TV and film work, he has his own company – Stunt Drive UK. It offers stunt drive experiences and the chance to learn how to do some tricks.

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He said: “Some people like to ride as fast and as hard as they want. Mine have always been really tricks and trying to make the car do J-turns. I used to watch The Fall Guy and stuff like that when I was a kid and he did spins and slips and all that sort of thing.

“It looked cool, so that’s it. That is what we strive for.”

Alastair, who is married to former rally driver Gemma Price, has been a competitor since he was eight. He has participated in karting, car tests, sport tests, classic tests, car tests, car solos, asphalt rally, forest rally and rallycross. A true all-rounder, he has won events and titles over the decades.

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