Welcome to Illuminati – The First Unlimited NFT Farming and

Welcome to Illuminati - The First Unlimited NFT Farming and

Hong Kong, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The first-ever DeFi project to feature NFTs Farming, Token Auto-Staking, and most importantly, stable durability.

What is Illuminati?

Illuminati is the very first project to provide a successful mechanism for Unlimited NFT Farming and Token Auto-Staking. With the experienced core team that has spent years working on financial project development, the Illuminati team is proud to announce that we have released one of the most advanced algorithms, yet consistent and sustainable. In the first phase of our plan, we can see that the obvious problem in the DeFi and rebase token space now is the copious lack of sustainability, transparency, innovation and fairness. We aspire to be the new trendsetter in the rebase token space and we look forward to launching Illuminati with everyone.

Illuminati offers a decentralized financial asset that rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model by using the unique NFT Farming and Illuminati Auto-Staking Protocol (IAP for short). The IAP is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier and more efficient and grants $ILLU token holders the high stable returns in crypto.

The key feature of a DeFi project: Sustainability

After examining every other rise and fall rebase project, the team understood that sustainability is the single most important factor in ensuring a DeFi project survives for months (possibly years). Unlike other Pump&Dump projects. Illuminati did not want the token price to multiply in the beginning, but we are aiming to keep the $ILLU price in a certain range for a long period of time. The team developed some of the mechanism to support this idea, such as:

Put a high tax on token purchases. Our purchase tax is 28% if you buy the token directly from PancakeSwap. This will greatly solve the problem of token price dump. By preventing whales from holding a large amount of $ILLU in the beginning, they can easily dump the project when their profit target is met.

Large amounts of Treasury funds will be used to support the token price such as grant, BuyBack and Burn, etc. to keep the price stable.

Hold NFTs for token farming and auto-staking for an unlimited time. This is the best way to keep the project healthy and sustainable that offers the best compound interests and a stable passive income for everyone.

Understand the main mechanisms.

Illuminati NFT Agriculture

The Illuminati Unlimited NFT Farming Protocol is a very unique mechanism developed by a skilled team. This algorithm allows you to buy Illuminati NFTs and then trade them for $ILLU. This function can run forever meaning your NFTs can work continuously for $ILLU token in the time of eternity. By reading this, we know that some of you may think the project is going to blow up badly. But don’t worry, we all have the solution and that’s why we called Illuminati an “advanced project”. With the high sales tax and Treasury use case explained above. We are proud that the project will continue to exist for a long time to come. NFTs can be purchased in the Enigma Box sale which opens randomly for NFTs of varying rarity levels. NFTs is the main use case of the project that will work for token $ILLU. The rarer the NFT, the higher the fixed APR% it will get. When you get token $ILLU, it will be automatically staked for more $ILLU with the 183.394% fixed APY. This causes your $ILLU to have the high compound interest with both the farming and auto-strike mechanisms.

Lifetime Unlimited NFT Farming:

– There are 5 levels of rarity of NFTs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Ruby. Different levels of rarity have different APR% for farming. The rarer the NFTs, the more token it pays out due to the high APR%

– The price of the Enigma Box is $300. The breakdown of the money paid for Enigma Box is:

+50% added to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap

+30% automatically traded to PancakeSwap and then goes into dead wallet for burning $ILLU

+ 20% goes to Treasury Wallet (for redemptions and burns, supporting bottom price, marketing and insurance).

What is Illuminati Auto-Staking Protocol (IAP)?

Illuminati Auto-Staking Protocol is a new financial protocol that makes pledging easier and more efficient and provides $ILLU token holders with the high stable return on cryptocurrency in a sustainable fixed compound model. Illuminati has a fixed APY of 183.394% and a daily ROI (return on investment) of 2.08%.

$ILLU is a Bep20 token that automatically pays passive interest every 15 minutes.

With Unlimited NFTs Farming Protocol + Token Auto-Staking & Auto-compounding, Illuminati will provide infinite passive income as long as you own Illuminati NFTs.

$ILLU is getting closer to its fair launch, follow their community for the latest updates: