What are the best coolers for cars?

What Are The Best Cooler Boxes for Cars?

When you travel or have a long commute, you need soft drinks and snacks. You can keep coolers in your car to keep everything ice cold.

Some great coolers for your car:


1. Thermos cooler box

Thermos are known because people use them to keep their coffee warm when they travel long distances. However, you should also know that they are just as efficient at keeping your food and drinks cool. This cool box has a capacity of 32 l and has a simple and lightweight design with handle and lid. You can even put a 2 liter stopper bottle upright and that is a very good feature.

2. All Ride Cooler:

This cool box is available in a capacity of 22l and offers electrical cooling via a 12V car plug and ensures extra long cooling. The electronic elements are neatly concealed in the lid. The weight of the cool box is only 2.3 kg, so you can easily take it with you to your picnic and it can keep your food cool with its electric cooling.

3. Dometic Cool Freeze Cooler:

In many cases, a simple cooler doesn’t offer all the features you might need. You may need a suitable car freezer that meets all your needs. The dometic freezer has a capacity of 21 liters but is heavy due to the cooling system. You can program it to the temperature you need and it goes from 10°C to -18°C. It also has two cup holders on the outside so you can keep your drinks cold.

4. Volkswagen Cool Box on Wheels:

This cooler is a combination of both a trailer and a cooler in one and it is a great option for your picnic. It is available in a storage capacity of 26 l and the straps attached to it allow you to move it over multiple surfaces.

5. Onboard AEG Bar:

If you need a cooler that both heats and cools and is also portable, this is a good option for you. It has the ability to keep your drinks and food chilled to -20°C and can heat food up to 65°C. It is perfect for both hot and cold dishes. It only has 6L of storage space, but comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

6. Mobicool Cool Box:


This cool box from Mobicool is available in a huge storage capacity of 48 l and has the ability to keep your food cool up to 16°C below the ambient temperature. It’s a great cool box but weighs 10kg even when empty. It comes with wheels on it and a handle so you can move it around easily.

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