What are the best things to keep a car in good condition?

What Are The Best Things to Keep A Car in Good Shape?

A car needs regular check-ups and maintenance to run efficiently. A modern car consists of thousands of components that move up and down. You can have your car checked regularly, which is relatively cheaper than repair.

Tips to keep your car in good condition:

  1. Change engine oil at regular intervals:

Your car engine needs engine oil to run smoothly; if not delivered at the right time, it can cause wear and tear on your engine. Do a dipstick test to know if the engine oil level is low or not, and if so, have it topped up. If your engine is properly lubricated, the friction inside would be less, and as a result, wear would be minimized.


  1. Tire condition:

Your car’s tires wear out over time. The profiles indicate whether the tire needs to be replaced or not. You should keep a close eye on when to buy new sets of tires. You should also check that your tires are adequately inflated according to the manufacturer’s tire pressure recommendations. Check tire pressure every morning before driving.


  1. Take care of brakes, battery and belt

Besides the engine, brakes, battery and belt are essential parts of a car. No one would want to be in a situation where the car is traveling at high speeds and suddenly the brake starts to malfunction. It is necessary to have your brakes checked regularly. You should also check the battery as it will help your engine to start. Make sure it is charged and the level of distilled water is OK.

  1. Have a look at Caution Warning:

These warnings are crucial and tell you that there may be something wrong with the car. If the warning light comes on, it may be time to see your mechanic. You should also be aware of the owner’s manual as you cannot rely on the mechanic alone. It’s best that you don’t delay the repair or it could lead to costly damage.

  1. Take a look at the fluids:

Your car needs a lot of fluids to run efficiently. Failure to provide this may cause malfunctions. Fluids such as power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, wiper fluid, etc. should be checked regularly and topped up if necessary. If your brakes do not have the correct oil level, it can cause problems with braking.

  1. Check the headlight and windows:

You need to make sure your headlights and windows are working properly at all times. If your headlight is not working properly, it will be difficult for you to drive in the dark and you could also have an accident. Likewise, your windows should also work properly; otherwise you may get problems like a stuck window during the rain.


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