What Drivers Said During The All-Star Race – NASCAR Talk

What Drivers Said During The All-Star Race - NASCAR Talk

Check out what drivers had on their minds after the 2022 NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday:

Ryan Blaney – WINNER: “We were cruising there and I just wanted to get to the white one to cover it and then the warning came out (turn) 4. I thought it was just like any other race. That rule was never passed on to us. I already got my window net down and stuff. My left arm is worn out from trying to get that damn thing back on its feet. I’ve rigged it enough to where it left halfway. I appreciate NASCAR for not letting us come to the pit lane to fix it and let me cut it back to where we could stay there. This Mustang was a rocket ship. I’m really glad we finally won that after that last caution. I am so proud of everyone. Tonight is going to be fun. … (On track position) It was huge. I felt like I was fine with restarting, it just felt like the bottom launched better. It was a lot of pushing and luckily the last restart Austin (Cindric) gave me a great push, almost too good a push as he let me jack up a bit to the side. I missed the corner but was able to (Denny Hamlin† The pressure was enormous. The track control was great, but a good push certainly helps.”

DENNY HAMLIN – Finished 2nd: “Our car was good. We lost the handle there with a few more runs to go and just really started to get loose. The further up front we were, the looser we became. We had a chance and I got right where I wanted to be on the 12 (Ryan Blaney) there and I got to his outside and he just kept going up, up, up and I just couldn’t stay all the way there. I think he would come up no matter what, and we would probably crash because he knew we were in a bad place. Got a really good run through one and two and I couldn’t ask for much more there. I just didn’t have Daniel (Suarez) pushing me forward and unfortunately I couldn’t get as close to him as I needed to because of that.”

Daniel Suarez – Finished 5th: “I felt like we were pretty fast. Everyone at Trackhouse Racing – the 99 team, the 1 team, everyone has done a very, very good job building fast race cars. I feel like we were probably one of the best cars out there at one point. Until the end, we probably weren’t. We were also at a disadvantage on tires. It was a huge fight. We started in the back, fought all the way to the top-10 or something like that and then the tires were switched. I’m just happy with the result. Hopefully we can close the deal in the Coca-Cola 600 next week.”

Kyle Busch — Finished 21st: “I just had a flat tire of four, right rear has a flat. Too bad for our guys at Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota, M&M’s. We had a really fast race car, a great race car and of course had led all the laps up to that point. Disappointing not to be able to race for a million dollars.”

Ross Chastain — Finished 22nd: “It felt like the driver of the No. 1 car chose the wrong lane to get in. Our Worldwide Express Chevy was tight all night and we were just getting into the tightness. I saw Kyle (Busch) having a problem with a busted tire. I guess left and I should have guessed right. It was a big hit for Kyle. It was a tough break, but we had a fast car.”

Chase Elliot — Finished 23rd: “I saw that the No. 18 (Kyle Busch) had a problem; and then I saw the number 1 (Ross Chastain) hit him really hard. I just didn’t give him enough space. I knew he would go straight; I just didn’t know he would go so far to the right so fast. I just misjudged it a bit. It was really avoidable on my part. I just kind of screwed up and didn’t shoot the gap fast enough.”

Kyle Larson — Finished 24th: “I just let a right front tire go. I moved up, but I don’t really think that made the (tyre) wear any worse. It just let go in the middle and left. I hate that it happened. I feel like our car was good enough depending on restarts because you can’t pass at all, especially the leader anyway. We are moving forward and looking forward to the Coca-Cola 600, and hopefully we can race well there.”