What is the best $30,000 sports car for everyday and canyoning driving?

A yellow 986 Porsche Boxster

Sports cars are fun to look at and to drive around town, but the real fun comes when you take them to the canyons. The undulating curves and fast straights can put any sports car to the test, and there’s plenty of fun to be had behind the wheel as you drive through a canyon. If you are looking for a good canyoning car, which one would you choose? Here are a few good examples.

2009 BMW 135i

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If you were to ask Matt Farah from… The smoking band, he would probably picture a 2009 BMW 135i as a good canyon daily driver. In a recent video, Farah put a 90,000-mile 135i to the test on a canyon road to demonstrate his capabilities. And while we can’t get the feel of driving by watching a video, we have to agree that it would be a good platform to start with.