What is the best car of the 80s?

What is the best car of the 80s?

A photo of a red Saab 900 Turbo parked in a city.

Is the Saab 900 Turbo the best car of the 80s?
Photo: Saab

I’m on a real’80s streak this week. I’ve had The Cure’s 1985 album”The head at the door” on repeat, had pasta salad several days in a row, and seem to have been craving a Blue Lagoon cocktail since Monday. Despite all these be more than acceptable in the ‘1980s, the decade gets a bad reputation for its cars.

This changes today. Today we are looking for the best cars that emerged from the same decade as Top GunLet’s dance,” and Alan Jones’ only F1 world title. What is the best car from the 80s?

It could be get a bad rap for a decade full of dodgy, boring, boxy cars, but the 80s had some excellent cars. You just needed a little more time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Cars love sleek first generation Integrathe race-winning Audi Quattro, and the unbelievable excellent Lamborghini Countach. Obviously, you can pick some solid cars this decade.

And sure, while the Countach is beautiful and other exotic cars like the Ferrari F40 are quite iconic, there’s an effortlessly cool vehicle from the ‘80’s I’ll start you off with. It is natural the 1985 Saab 900 Turbo.

The first turbocharged Saab may have come a few years earlier, but towards the middleIn the 80’s those Scandinavian wizards had perfected the formula. In 1985 the Saab 900 Turbo was packed with electronic boost control, an intercooler, and came with a fun new styling package, making it one of the automaker’s best-looking cars of all time.

But that’s just my choice, what would you pick as the best car to come out of the 80s? Head over to the comments section below and share your suggestions with us. We’ll wrap up some of the top picks in a slideshow tomorrow.