What is the best headlight design of all time?

What is the best headlight design of all time?

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Automotive design is a extreme hot topic with you people, and one of the most important elements for a good looking car looks good headlights. That’s what leads us to today’s question.

We want to know what you think is the best headlight design of all time. When I say headlights, there’s the whole assembly in there. So yes count pop-up headlights.

I won’t tell you what I think the best headlight design of all time, but for me the most influential headlight design of at least modern times is the ffirst generation Audi R8. That’s the car that started the whole LED daytime running light trend that pretty much continued until the… the present, and that car started production way back in 2006.

Obviously there are some cars that have famous, say controversial headlights (think 996 Porsche 911), but hey, if you think they’re cool, put them in the comments. I’m not here to judge you. Well, I mean, I’ll still do it. It’s just a nice extra part of my job, I guess. That applies even more if you choose what’American muscle car from the 80s with four sealed headlights. Those are just awful, and I won’t hear any different.

No, I don’t think the Ford RS 200 has the worst headlights of all time. Auto Twitter, please leave that alone. I beg you kindly.

In any case, let us know below. Which car do you think has the best headlight design of all time? I’m sure this will spark a very normal and healthy debate, and no one will be outraged by design decisions made decades ago by a car company. That would never happen anyway, because we’re a reasonable couple.

Anyway, please comment!