What is the best mid-engine sports car for a daily driver?

What is the best mid-engine sports car for a daily driver?

Practicality often turns out to be the most important factor in daily transport. That’s just one reason why automotive segments like the crossover and the SUV have been so successful. What about those in the enthusiastic community who refuse to settle for something ordinary? What’s the best mid-engine sports car to drive every day?

Keep in mind that we’re thinking about the entire history of the car here, so it doesn’t have to be as new as the C8 Chevrolet Corvette that serves as our leading image. Would that be the direct winner though? Not only is it relatively cheap, but it’s also quite fast and fairly practical. It is also reliable. That is a very rare combination in the car world and led Christian von Koenigsegg to compliment the car.

At the same time, many have questioned the build quality of the Corvette and no one wants to show off a car with uneven panel openings, so maybe there is a better option. The Audi R8 could be that car then as it is also quite easy to find on the second hand market, is also very fast, but is undoubtedly well built. Potentially high maintenance costs can keep many from using it on a daily basis.

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Perhaps we should take the price out of the equation and focus on how well the car is capable of providing an exceptional everyday driving experience. In that case, the McLaren GT might be at the top of the list, as it was designed just for that. It shares the same kind of raw power as the rest of the family, but with a ride height and comfort-oriented suspension.

We haven’t even mentioned the elephant in the room, the Porsche 718. Whether you prefer the Boxster or the Cayman, the 718 is renowned for its ability to carry its occupants in luxury, speed and comfort without any form of concern for reliability. That makes it arguably the best of the bunch, as it combines many of the qualities people look for in a good daily driver.

Maybe it’s a thing of the past, like the original Acura (Honda in overseas markets), NSX.

However, what excellent cars have we forgotten? Which mid-engine car is the best daily driver? Have your say in the comments below.