What is the best minibus of all time?

What is the best minibus of all time?

Minivans seem to be the antithesis of what it means to be a car enthusiast. For many, they can be the physical acknowledgment that driving pleasure and engagement is no longer the top priority in one’s life. But honestly, quite a few of them have been pretty impressive over the past few decades. Which brings us to our QOTD: What’s the best minivan of all time?

Please note that we are not asking what is the most beautiful or fastest minivan of all time. That honor should probably go to the one in our leading image, the Renault Espace F1 with its absolutely crazy styling, passionate engineering and athletic prowess. However, it didn’t just look cool. Beneath its carbon body, it had four racing seats and a true F1-origin V10 in the center of the chassis. It could do the 0-60 mph sprint in 2.8 seconds and had a top speed of 193 mph.

In reality, the best minivan in history is probably one that is much better at doing the job of a minivan, transporting people and things comfortably and safely. On that list should be something like the new Kia Carnival. It’s about as attractive as you’d want a minivan to be, and it’s packed with impressive technology. You can even get one with special VIP Lounge Chairs that recline and provide leg support.

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The new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is in a league of its own when it comes to price, but it might be worth it when you consider how luxurious it is. Not only can it go more than 30 miles on electric power alone, but it’s spacious, well-built and refined compared to many of its competitors.

Perhaps the right choice is a minivan that had a huge impact on the market instead. The original minivan, the Dodge Caravan, may have been the obvious choice at the time, as it not only influenced the market; it made it. The Honda Odyssey should also be given a special mention as it has redefined what a good minivan can be more than once. It was also probably the first production minivan with good road holding.

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