What is the best SUV for comfort? † Our cars

What is the best SUV for comfort?  †  Our cars

April 29, 2022: What is the best SUV for comfort?

The details

Current mileage 1679
alleged economics 44.1-47.9mpg
real economy 49.3 mpg

If you’re looking for the best 4×4 SUV for comfort, look no further than the Lexus NX 350h – it’s a gem of a car that delivers great ride quality that smiles in the face of potholes and speed bumps.

Lexus has consistently performed strongly on comfort in the annual Honest John Satisfaction Index, with the old form NX receiving top marks for its ride quality every year. But after a few months behind the wheel of the new NX, I think Lexus has outdone itself and built a car that is head and shoulders above its predecessor.

Even in the cheapest trim level of the NX (as tested here), the seats are wide, firm and supportive. This means you won’t get any of those painful cramps in your thigh muscles after a long journey. The backrest is also excellent, while the firm cushions and side bolsters give good padding to the lower back and spine.

The ride quality is also silky smooth. This is supported by the NX’s superb suspension which smooths out road imperfections with ease. The 350h rides on 18-inch wheels as standard, with 235/60R tires with thick sidewalls that absorb much of the vibrations that dirt roads can rattle into the cabin. As a result, the NX 350h will cover a deep pothole with a satisfying and suppressed thump.

2022 Lexus NX 350h (1)

The relaxing nature of the NX 350h is supported by the excellent hybrid system that propels you silently at low speeds. The E-CVT gearbox transfers power smoothly to all four wheels and the high standard equipment of the NX makes parking a breeze, with the 360 ​​sensors and reversing camera transferring the 1,805mm wide and 4660mm long Lexus to the lead standard parking space with a minimum of crowds.

That said, I don’t think everyone will find the NX 350h as relaxing as I do. Indeed, if you have a heavy right foot or a rough driving style, you will likely experience your Lexus drive as a noisy and unpleasant experience.

Why? The NX 350h is a car that embraces a smooth and refined driving style. It’s not a vehicle designed to be driven hard or fast, which is reflected in the loud drone the engine sends out in protest when you step on the accelerator. Likewise, the body tends to roll if you throw it heavily into a tight turn at high speed or late and brake hard.

However, if you want a comfortable and relaxing SUV that delivers 40 mpg on the highway and 60 – 70 mpg in the city, then the NX 350h should be at the top of your shortlist. It’s really great for mileage and one of the best cars for comfort I’ve driven in a very long time.

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April 29, 2022: What is the best SUV for comfort?

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