What is the real range of popular new electric vehicles?

a lucid air, with 520 miles of range according to the epa, but 500 miles on real testing, this the new king of ev range

One of the most important parts of buying a new electric car is choosing something with the range you need to handle every journey. Modern EVs offer some pretty impressive range, but those numbers fall under perfect settings. But to decide which EV is perfect for you, it’s essential to find the real range. Take a moment to see what popular new EVs offer for true efficiency.

How are these numbers determined?

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‘s team InsideEVs conducted a thorough test on many of the latest and most popular EVs to determine the true range of these models. InsideEVs completed this test at 70 mph on the highway, with the tires properly inflated, and hit the highway as fast as they could. The test is performed on a long loop to return to the starting location. Finally, they try to run these tests with multiple drivers for the most accurate data.