When is the right time to buy a car: We explain

Best time to buy a car – CarToq gives you a low down

Buying a new car is still a huge step for many in India. In our country, cars or four-wheelers are generally associated with status. With internet access available to most people, they cannot browse a variety of models available. They can even shortlist the model and even the variant by looking at the function and price. If you are planning to buy a car, timing is crucial. Depending on the time you walk into the dealership, you can get good discounts. Here we are talking about what could be the best time to buy a car in terms of week, month and year.

When is the right time to visit a dealer?

If you plan to visit the dealer before purchasing the car, avoid early morning visits. Dealers open at about 10am and at this time staff would still arrive to work. This can be the time when you may not find enough staff to assist or assist you. For the same reason, you may not even get a test drive. Normally, an hour after lunch is a good time to pop into a dealership to take a closer look at the vehicle of your choice.

Best time to buy a car – CarToq gives you rock bottom

When it comes to the day, it is always advisable to avoid weekends as there will be a lot of rush at the dealers during this time of the week. A weekday would be a good time to visit a dealer, as the dealers have less crowd and you can spend more time on the vehicle you plan to buy. Mondays or weekdays mean fewer people walking to dealers and fewer customers mean enthusiastic sales staff.

When is the right time to request a test drive?

Best time to buy a car – CarToq gives you rock bottom

You can also request a test drive at your home or office. Weekdays are also best for test drives. Make an appointment with the seller or dealer staff for the test drive. Some time after lunch would be a good time to take a test drive as the roads are relatively empty compared to morning or evening. Again, Monday or weekdays work well for test drives as there are more vehicles on the road on weekends.

When is the right time to ask for discounts?

This is a question that any person visiting the dealer would have asked the staff at least once. Manufacturers offer discounts on their models depending on the month. Some months have more discount, while others have less. If you go to the dealer to buy a car towards the end of a month, the sales staff may end up offering you a good discount (if you are a good negotiator) because he has to close the deal and meet his monthly target or for incentives.

Best time to buy a car – CarToq gives you rock bottom

When it comes to months, March is a decent time for dealers as entrepreneurs buy cars at depreciation benefits. April to June is the time when sales drop. This is a lean time for dealers and they offer decent discounts during this time. After the monsoon, the holiday season begins and demand picks up again.

December is also a great time for car buyers as dealers are eager to sell the existing stock. As the new year approaches, the old stock becomes less attractive to buyers as they can buy the same brand new year car. Dealers often offer good discounts on models from the previous year. If you plan to keep the car for a longer period of time, you can get a very good deal. You can also pick up the same car in January next year and that too with better discounts. Manufacturers also offer discounts on their models when they launch a facelift for an existing model.

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