When Top Gun Maverick star Tom Cruise crashed the Red Bull Formula One Car

When Top Gun Maverick star Tom Cruise crashed the Red Bull Formula One Car

Top Gun Maverick star Tom Cruise crashed the Red Bull F1 car during testing on the Southern California roads alongside David Coulthard.

Tom Cruise is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood right now. His action-packed Top Gun Maverick is about to join the $1 billion club soon.

The American actor loves action-packed thrillers, be it Top Gun or Mission Impossible. Apart from flying planes, bicycles and a crowd pleaser, he is also an F1 fan.

Cruise has been watching Formula 1 since he was a kid. In an interview, he said: “I’ve watched these guys [Webber and Coulthard] race their entire career. I love Formula 1 and racing. It’s a fantastic sport.”

However, did you know that the Maverick star not only drove a Formula 1 car, but also crashed with it in Southern California?

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Tom Cruise crashes the Red Bull F1 car

Tom Cruise accepted an invitation to test drive the Red Bull Racing F1 car in Southern California in 2011. He enlisted the help of former Red Bull and McLaren driver David Coulthard to learn more about the car.

Maverick completed 24 laps in the seven-hour session, which started with Cruise and Coulthard driving around the track in a passenger car to familiarize themselves with the racing lines before Coulthard showed Cruise the intricacies of the F1 machine.

After a while, Cruise drove the car alone and set fast lap records. Looking at the hot laps, Coulthard joked to Cruise: “First of all, I’m just glad you chose not to be a driver. I held back a little because you were faster than me.’

Like every F1 driver, Tom Cruise also had a crash while driving the Red Bull. During an out-lap, he took the car onto the dirt area and let it spin.

In the end, Cruise really showed his skills, as he was traveling at a speed of 291 km/h and was only 4 km/h slower than Coulthard’s normal pace.

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