Where are the Top Gear movie vehicles?

Where are the Top Gear movie vehicles?

Top gear is one of the most famous car series broadcast on international television. From racing homemade hovercraft to cruising in powerful supercars in different countries around the world. But where do the cars used in filming for the hit BBC car show actually go?

When filming for an episode of Top Gear from the BBCwould you know that the program uses different cars, for example when Richard Hammond broke down in his Noble M600 while filming for an episode in Italy, the producers were able to quickly find another one to complete the episode, even though the color was different and the steering wheel was placed on the right side instead of the left like the original Noble that came with the start of filming.

But for the cars that were not destroyed, replaced or damaged during filming, there is a special place where Top Gear and car enthusiasts can see the cars from the past episodes (series 3-11).

That’s the Top Gear museum located on the south coast of the UK, called the ‘World of top equipment‘.

The museum has a number of vehicles, including the homemade ambulance, water car and biplane style car made by the 3 hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.
The museum also preserves the ‘Reliant Robin Space Shuttle’ which is based on Episode 4 of Series 9 filmed in 2007.

Another important vehicle that was heavily used in filming for the program is the famous red toyota hiluxthis was used as a background prop in the main hanger where the inside shots took place and is now also on display in the Top Gear museum.