Where can you find the best cars and vehicles in Saint’s Row?

Where can you find the best cars and vehicles in Saint's Row?

Any budding entrepreneur worth their salt needs a garage full of overpriced, overpowered vehicles to attract their friends – and that’s exactly what you get with the best cars in Saints Row.

Fully customizable with dazzling pearlescent paint, sparkly rims and gorgeous body kits, these rides transport you through Santo Ileso’s massive sandbox in comfort and style.

Here’s everything you need to know to build a stunning and versatile collection of great cars in Saints Row to compete with the best in the business.

How do you get new cars in Saints Row?

Unlike many games, you don’t buy cars in Saints Row. Each vehicle in your collection comes from a mission or from stealing it in the open world.

To add a car to your garage, all you have to do is drive it back to Jimrob’s shop or Neenah’s workshop on the side of Church headquarters (or the garage next to your apartment if you arrive early). are the game).

Once it’s safely stored inside, you’ll have unlimited access to that car forever!


If you’re lucky, you can find a parked Attrazione anywhere on the map and return it to base, but there’s a guaranteed at the end of Jimrob’s Chop Shop missions.

This is a really easy way to get a top tier max speed car with the Infinite Boost signature ability that makes getting anywhere on the map a breeze.


Some people just prefer motorcycles, and there’s a decent one within reach.

If you’re not using this Kenshin, Jimrob, I might as well take it!

To grab an easy Kenshin, just walk up to the front of Jimrob’s Chop Shop and just drive the one on display into the garage. Now it’s yours!

Marshal MDI-525C and Skirmish

If you’re in the mood for something with a little more firepower, there are two Marshal vehicles equipped with a powerful gun turret, top-notch off-road performance and good durability.

How to Switch Seats to a Turret in a Car in Saints Row
Great, boy – but don’t be cocky

When you are in either car, press the D-pad to switch seats and take over the turret.

You can grab both of these – but most likely the Skirmish – from the heavily guarded Marshal compound in the northwest of the Santo Ileso map. Get ready for a tough chase back to HQ, but it’s worth adding these fun trucks to your garage.

The location of the Marshal compound in Saints Row
The Marshal compound is located in the northwest (top left) of the map

The MDI-525C often pops up if you have Max Marshal fame, which makes it quite easy to get stuck on the chop shop mission where you have to steal one for Jimrob. Another will probably chase you all the way back to the garage, so if you lose your energy when you complete the mission, just steal it from the unsuspecting Marshals.

Bullpup Buggy

If you’re driving through the western part of Kavanagh County, you should keep an eye out for the Bullpup mini monster truck buggy as a great off-road option.

A Bullpup buggy in Saints Row
Small package, big wheels

Not only is it very fast for an off-road car, but its giant tires make it a bit of a beast. The first time I encountered one, it blew up my car by running over me.

It also has the really fun Jump signature ability you get by doing barrel rolls. I prefer it over the other two buggies, the Ant and Hopper, because it’s faster off the track and has the special powers of a monster truck.

I’ve noticed they seem to spawn a lot in the same spot pictured in the screen below, in the south of the area. Travel quickly to the Lone Wolf point and you’ll be relatively close.

The location of the Bullpup Buggy in Saints Row

There are many more great vehicles to get as part of the story in Saints Row, but as the game is brand new we won’t be adding any spoilers for now and will be updating this page with more soon.

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