Whether it’s a Corvette or H1, one of these shows will have exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether it's a Corvette or H1, one of these shows will have exactly what you're looking for.

Streaming services cater to everyone’s interests, including car enthusiasts. As the number of available auto repair and restoration shows increase, viewers may wonder what the cream of the crop is.

While learning about the complex machinery at work, many car enthusiasts can see the interiors of dream cars that may run into the dozen or, on the other hand, find a quick way to fix their daily commute; that’s why car shows have become so mainstream. Whether repairing, restoring or completely renovating, each of these programs stands out as one of the best programs available.


Jay Leno’s Garage

Peacock, Hulu, YouTube TV

Jay Leno drives a car in a promo image for Jay Leno's Garage.

From late-night TV megastar to legendary car collector, Jay Leno has produced and starred in Jay Leno’s Garage for nearly a decade. The web and television series won the 2016 Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Special Class – Short-Format Nonfiction Program” and has 6 seasons (the last of which aired on December 8, 2021).

Leno often brings in famous friends as he discusses iconic cars of the past decade, including several classic and vintage cars, a few supercars (like the McLaren P1) and some restored gems. For the 6 seasons of Jay Leno’s Garage, Leno has based production in his own garage: Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage, located in Burbank, California. Expect a witty Leno to break down each of these vehicles with a detailed analysis. He is a vintage car purist and owns dozens of rare cars.

Monster Garage

Discovery Channel, Discovery+

Jesse James at Monster Garage

Hosted by Jesse James, Monster Garage is an American television series that first aired on the Discovery Channel. The long-running show grew such a following that it produced video games and multiple books. After the original conclusion on June 12, 2006, Monster Garage went on a nearly 15-year hiatus. The series had an anticipatory streaming revival that later launched on Discovery+ on January 4, 2021.

The premise of this show is extremely unique as two teams are tasked with turning an ordinary vehicle into a ‘monster machine’. After receiving a budget, the teams are expected to complete the vehicle in seven days: the first for designing, the next five for building and the last to test the ‘sample’. Viewers are spoiled for choice when Jesse James steals the show with his brash and daring hosting style, often mingling with teams and almost always creating his own “monster” in the process.

Motorcycle week

YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video

The cast of the show MotorWeek poses for a photo.

One of the longest running series, Motorcycle week has reviewed cars since its premiere on October 15, 1981. The PBS program has been hosted by John Davis since its inception and has aired 41 seasons, making it a classic watch for car enthusiasts.

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Motorcycle week is the most conservative of the programs. While some shows lean towards the comedic aspect, Motorcycle week keeps the focus solely on the cars (and viewers can expect a carefully crafted analysis of the vehicles). For most of their seasons, Motorcycle week has also remained consistent in its format: a road test is performed, followed by a comparative test and finally a segment that can take a look at new vehicles or previous vehicles they have handled, called a ‘Retro Review’.

Chasing classic cars

Hulu, Youtube TV, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video

A series made for the classic car enthusiast. Chasing classic cars is an American documentary series presented by Wayne Carini of F-40 Motorsports. The series first premiered in 2008 and has 16 seasons and more than 190 episodes on offer. While new models get all the attention, Chasing classic cars does exactly what the title says.

The series takes a look at classic cars from all eras. Whether American or European, Carini’s drive and ambition to turn every rust bucket into its former glory is fascinating to watch. Each vehicle is studied in advance, restored and sometimes sold for a healthy profit. Any vintage car enthusiast will love this series, as the passion that Wayne Carini radiates is welcome.


Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video

The presenters of the show Overhaulin' pose with crossed arms.

revision premiered in 2004, launched 9 successful seasons and is presented by car designer Chip Foose and his co-host Chris Jacobs. It had the same premise as: Pimp my ride in the sense that there was an ignorant ‘sign’ nominated by friends to be ‘overhauled’. Their car is often damaged and obtained by the team through a ruse.

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Fans of Pimp my ride who felt the show was a bit too bizarre will love this series as it has all the imagination, without the extra “excess” Pimp my ride came with. Once the team has the brand’s car in Overhaulin’s garage, they begin their transformation using parts donated by their various sponsors. When it’s done, the show ends with the “brand” being surprised with their “refurbished” vehicle, often with overwhelmingly positive response.

Car Masters – Rest to Riches


car masters rust to riches netflix series

The 2018 American reality television series was produced by Netflix. Mark Towle leads this crew where they take on projects out of Gotham Garage, which over the years has built a wide selection of props for movie studios and TV series (these props are very obvious at times).

Car Masters takes a similar approach to other TV shows. Mark Towle, Constance Nunes and the rest of the crew find a classic car and try to restore it for a profit. The general theme of Car Masters leans into his Hot Rods and Lowriders, which showcase Californian Temecula culture and its beauty. What’s also great news for fans is that it can be streamed on many platforms.

Fast N’ Loud

Hulu, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV

Cast members from the Discovery series Fast N' Loud.

Fast N’ Loud featured Richard Rawlings and his crew from the Dallas-based Gas Monkey Garage. The reality-style show was a hit on the Discovery Channel, where it ran for 16 seasons.

Fast N’ Loud had a similar premise to its contemporaries, where the Gas Monkey Garage crew sought out tired and dilapidated cars that they restored and made profitable. Rawlings has a real star appeal and makes for an excellent entertainer, while still producing quality projects. When the spin-offs for the show began and Rawlings began pursuing other projects, he confirmed that the show had come to an end during its 16th season.

Top gear

HBO Max, Amazon Prime

The Top Gear crew for cars.

Perhaps the most famous car show of all time, Top gear is a British motoring show designed as a relaunched version of the show from 1977. Originally presented by Jeremy Clarkson, the series premiered in 2002. With 31 seasons to date, the show became famous for its mix of comedic bits and detailed analysis of the latest models. After Clarkson left in the mid-2010s, the show went through several presenters until regular hosts Andrew Flintoff and Paddy McGuiness were announced in 2019.

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The show focuses on examining a range of cars, where it compares related models on a track and different obstacle courses, but it’s much more than that. The hosts through each series eventually develop bonds, and the on-screen chemistry makes this one of the best series to air. Top gear is known for its production sets, as the crew travels around the world, often to breathtaking views.

The Grand Tour

Amazon Prime

The Grand Tour - Top Gear Hosts

A kind of sequel to Top gearthis Amazon Prime series features the former host of Top gear, Jeremy Clarkson. The Grand Tour features Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May and first premiered in November 2016.

Equivalent to Top gearThe Grand Tour is divided into segments. A series of cars is selected in which they compete in various car challenges, interspersed with talking segments featuring celebrities. The trio hosts deliver truly magnetic performances, wit, humor and a deep passion for cars are showcased in every episode. During the later seasons, The Grand Tour moved on to specials, where the trio would be sent on expeditions around the world, given only the bare minimum and chosen vehicles that could (sometimes) handle the extremes, often to the public’s humor.

Wheeler dealers


The British television series is one of the longest-running motoring series and the most successful. Hosted by former dealer Mike Brewer, Wheeler dealers has over 250 episodes and has spawned a spin-off series titled Wheeler dealers trade.

The premise of the show has every do-it-yourselfer in mind, analyzing costs, labor and any profit after Brewer buys the vehicle and his mechanics get to work. While Brewer does a great job with the vehicles, his mind often comes up with great innovations for common car shop issues that really highlight the genius of his team.

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