Which cars have the best trade-in value in 2022 according to MotorTrend?

three different chevrolet corvette models, each offers drivers some outstanding resale value

An important aspect of buying a new car that is often overlooked is how well it retains its value. Some models are naturally more valuable and those models are often the choice of collectors. But for ordinary buyers, owning something that can hold its value can be a wise investment for the future. Which cars have the best trade-in value in 2022?

Lexus RC: 51.9 percent

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The Lexus RC is an impressive and enjoyable coupe that can offer drivers superior performance and luxury during the adventures ahead. This stylish coupé offers three engine choices: a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a naturally aspirated V6 engine and a silky smooth V8 engine. Any engine can make your ride more enjoyable, especially when you add the level of refinement and luxury it can offer.