Why it’s worth waiting for the Hyundai Ioniq 7 3-row electric SUV

Green 2021 Hyundai Ioniq 7 Concept

EVs are becoming immensely popular in the same way NFTs are today, and in the near future, Hyundai’s large seven-seat SUV, the Ioniq 7, will join the bandwagon. Hyundai I’m sure most of us spend a lot of time in our cars, and the automation is slowly taking over, step by step, they seem to have largely focused on the cabin of the Ioniq 7 Concept which will go into production soon. The Ioniq 7 promises to offer possibly the best space in its class.

When the Ioniq 7 was first unveiled in Los Angeles, the message of the Korean brand was clear: to create a place that is not only comfortable but also safe. The idea is to design an SUV that makes you feel like you’re in the living room.

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Development of the Hyundai Ioniq 7

Hyundai’s concept of space innovation is likely to be unparalleled unless the others follow suit. Hyundai is clearly ambitious about this one, just as it has been with its previous EVs. The aim is to comfort the customers from the moment they step in. The wheels have been pushed out as far as possible, giving Hyundai the room to extend the wheelbase of the SUV, which is said to lead its class at 126-inches.

The versatile E-GMP platform ensures that the Ioniq 7 will have an impressive driving range and fast charging capabilities that current EVs have yet to achieve. The driver and passengers can also change the architecture of their Ioniq 7 SUV. Hyundai is working to ensure that their vehicles based on the E-GMP platform will have nothing in common inside.

It’s a mid-sized SUV concept, so there will be a third row, and this gives the designers an alternative option over the regular first, second, and third row seating configurations, and instead come up with a more fluid layout .

The unstyled coach doors, especially on the passenger side, contribute to the spacious feeling when entering and exiting. The doors open automatically and lead the passenger into what will likely be a lounge-style interior. Expect an abundance of space, even on the production model.

The Ioniq 7 has a Vision Roof Display; it includes a panoramic OLED screen that reflects all kinds of content, based on the customer’s preferences. The atmosphere of the interior also changes, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the driving experience. The Ioniq 7 will likely have a mini fridge and shoe care compartment, said to “fresh up passengers’ footwear”. The OLED roof or shoe shine compartment may only remain on the concept model.

Hyundai Ioniq 7 has a powerful presence

The Ioniq 7 looks good as a true blue SUV, but the design is unique. This is an SUV that dares to be different, and it has the lines and cues that are sure to entice American buyers. Hyundai calls it a SUEV (Sport Utility Electric Vehicle). There are many elements that distinguish it from a typical SUV.

The underside of the hood, that beautiful single curve, the streamlined roofline and the extended wheelbase give it a tough look. The wheels, which probably look different on the production model, are equipped with an active air valve system – this reduces air resistance and improves the SUV’s performance in terms of aerodynamics.

Watch the video of the Ioniq 7 and you will see how the contours of the SUV can be seen, even in the dark – and the trick behind it is the Ioniq’s signature Parametric Pixel Lights that give off a welcome beam of light when you turn the SUV on. The parametric pixel is the wire that connects the digital to the analog.

Hyundai has paid a lot of attention to details, but again, this is a concept and we have yet to see the final production model. It may seem boxy, but this is what Hyundai’s mid-sized electric SUV will look like in the end. There are many components on the vehicle that are also functional.

The Louge-esque interior of the Hyundai Ioniq 7

Autonomous driving is an integral part of the concept. While most of it may not go into production, some of the features Hyundai conceptualizes are very cool indeed. The driver’s seat features a retractable tiller handle that hides itself when not in use. The cabin has a minimalist look and is not equipped with traditional driving equipment that you find in ordinary cars. The seats can be arranged to look like a lounge, it will be a world first in the eyes of many. The swivel lounge seats can be adjusted according to the driving mode you are in.

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Why it’s worth waiting for Hyundai’s Ioniq 7″

The interior of the Hyundai Ioniq 7 makes this electric SUV worth the wait. The cabin is made of mineral plaster, bamboo wood and carpet, bio resin, copper and hygienically treated fabric, along with interior paint based on renewable resources. The vertical mode lets air in through the built-in vents in the roof rails, which is then routed over the SUV to the floor, where the air is extracted through an external duct located behind the rear wheels. While most of these features are just concepts, we’ll have to wait and see which of them make it to the final production form of the Hyundai Palisade’s electric version. However, from what we’ve seen from Hyundai so far, there’s a lot more to this SUV than its rugged appeal, which is why it’s worth waiting for!

Source: Hyundai