Why the BMW G 310 RR is one of the best bikes for beginners

bmw g 310 rr launch date

It’s now been seven years since there were rumors about BMW Motorrad the roll-out of a fully streamlined quarter-litre sports bike based on the BMW G 310 R. After all, it was developed in collaboration with Indian two-wheeler maker TVS Motor Company and they have their own in the form of the TVS Apache RR 310† So why wouldn’t the German brand build one too? A recent teaser image confirms that a much nicer version of the Apache is in the pipeline. This can be an excellent purchase decision for new riders.

But will the upcoming BMW G 310 RR come to the US? Connect the dots and the answer is why not. BMW India has already opened bookings for the RR and a formal launch is scheduled for next month. It seems unlikely that the G 310 RR will be an India-only model, as the mechanical components have reportedly been approved for sale in international markets, including the US.

BMW G 310 RR: everything you need to know

This is what it’s about. It’s all related. The 310 siblings are a joint development between BMW Motorrad and TVS. The G 310 R, G 310 GS and the Apache RR 310 all use the same engine and the Apache is also based on the chassis of the G 310 R. In addition, given the silhouette revealed in the teaser image, the BMW G 310 RR will largely an Apache with BMW decals and BMW M racing livery.

The bodywork and styling in the shadowy image resemble the Apache. The tubular steel frame, suspension and ByBre brakes also look identical. No surprise since the BMW G 310 series and the Apache all roll off the same production lines.

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BMW G 310 RR: what to expect?

Another aspect that will remain identical is the engine. No details are known about the specs of the G 310 RR so far, but we can get an idea of ​​what the G 310 R and Apache RR 310 deliver.

The G 310 R claims 33.5 horsepower at 9,700 rpm and 20 pound-feet of torque at 7,700 rpm, with a top speed of 99 mph. In Urban and Rain modes, those numbers drop to 25.5 horsepower and 18.4 lb-feet of torque, and a reduced top speed of 77 mph. The bike claims a 0-62mph sprint time in 7.2 seconds and 0-30mph in just over two seconds. So far, it’s not clear that the G 310 RR’s performance figures will be any different.

The BMW G 310 RR will have a premium price tag compared to its TVS cousin and also its streetfighter brother G 310 R. Given this fact, BMW Motorrad would likely introduce it with a fully adjustable suspension that was rolled out for the Apache RR 310 as well. . While the TVS has it as an option, the Beemer can come with preload and rebound adjustable suspension as standard equipment. We’ll have to wait and see if this will be KYB like the TVS or maybe Ohlins, but that would skyrocket the price.

The KYB suspension on the TVS offers 25 clicks of rebound and damping, along with an eight-step preload adjustment. The rear shock is also adjustable. And everything needed to make these adjustments in a flat head screwdriver and a wrench.

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BMW G 310 RR: should you buy one?

BMW’s focus market for the G 310 RR will be India, where small-displacement sports bikes have become incredibly popular of late. But it could appeal to younger buyers in motorcycle markets like those in the US, as it presents its case as one of the best beginner bikes available for sale.

Based on the handling and performance of the Apache RR 310, it’s easy to recommend the G 310 RR to younger riders or first-time bike buyers. The suspension on the G 310 R and a similar one on the Apache offers a great cornering experience. And with the addition of adjustable forks and rear shock, the Apache RR 310 has also become a great track toy. In addition, the single-cylinder engine delivers enough power to maintain an exhilarated throttle response even with a pillion passenger in the rear, but the power figures are manageable for someone new to motorcycles.

Both the G 310 R and Apache RR 310 have had their fair share of issues over the years, but many of them have been addressed and fixed. For example, better braking, the addition of a slipper clutch and also the fully adjustable suspension of the RR 310. The G 310 RR will be born in an era where the 310 sisters already have those flaws. It has Bluetooth connectivity for navigation and phone alerts, something that appeals to the younger generation. In addition, the design and styling are very sporty, modern and on a big bike, something that would appeal to even a teenager.