Why the Draugur is the best off-road vehicle in GTA Online

A brief about the best off-road vehicle, Draugur, in GTA Online (Image via u/Nxaadarsh on Reddit)

The world of GTA Online is filled with hundreds of unique vehicles for players to choose from. The Criminal Enterprises update has been a success so far, adding 10 brand new rosters to the game’s already impressive catalog.

Among them, Declasse Draugur was another worthy addition. It is a four-door rally raid custom off-roader based on the real Chevrolet Off-Road Concept and is considered to be one of the best off-road vehicles in the game.

However, you may wonder what makes it the best in class. That said, let’s learn all about the car.

Everything you need to know about the Draugur – Price, performance and more

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Declasse Draugur was added to GTA Online during Cayo Perico Series Week on August 11, 2022. The vehicle features a very open and angular visual design, featuring:

  • Black front bumper with double mesh grilles
  • Narrow inlet with the Declasse logo in the middle
  • LED-style headlights
  • Bulky sellers on the side
  • Small openings for exhaust tips
  • LED light on the roof panel
  • Two spare wheels with red tires
  • Voluminous tailgate at the rear, with Declasse . lettering
  • Bulky rear bumper with two hooks on the outer edges
  • Yellow suspension springs with internal shock absorbers

The interior is very similar to that of the Wastelander, with different racing components and a carbon fiber dashboard. It consists of the following:

  • Driver side dials
  • Small meters in the middle
  • Racing wheel with paddle shifters and buttons
  • Carbon filter seats
  • Red seat belts

It comes with a primary color applied to the upper body part, roof panel, engine compartment and most of the steering wheel. In combination with this, the secondary vignette is applied to the hood and the tubular frames.

The car features a unique wheel design with seven circular sections around the center, wrapped in high-profile tires with custom markings. Rockstar described the vehicle as:

“When you sit on the right side of the hood, it’s a raw and ready-made dream. If you’re on the wrong side, it’s a titanium-enhanced nightmare. Meet the Draugur, the bald legend with extreme off-road capabilities. The Dragur, summoned from the darkest corners of Declasse, will take you unscathed to Hell and back. Or your local Cluckin’ Bell. Same difference.”

In terms of performance, it is believed to be powered by a powerful V8 engine. In combination with a six-speed gearbox, the vehicle is driven in an F4 layout with a torque distribution of 48%-52%. According to the game files, it can reach a maximum top speed of 147.20 km/h.

The Declasse Draugur is on sale at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,870,000 – $1,402,500 in GTA Online.

Why is it considered the best off-roader in GTA Online?

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Declasse Draugur seems to have the best suspension in GTA Online, making the vehicle springy and comfortable on the road. The handling is quite responsive and players can drive it around the roads of Los Santos, thanks to the impressive acceleration.

On off-road terrain, the vehicle can climb steep mountains with ease. Performance is just as good as Kamacho’s, but with a more modern aesthetic. The vehicle has numerous customization options that players can use to personalize and make it more unique. All this makes it one of the best off-road vehicles in GTA Online.

Meet the Declasse Draugur

With extreme off-road capability, the Draugur will take you to hell and back without a scratch. Or to your local Cluckin’ Bell. Same difference.

Now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos:

Introducing the Declasse Draugur With extreme off-road capability, the Draugur will take you to hell and back without a scratch. Or to your local Cluckin’ Bell. Same difference. Now available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos:

Rockstar has done a great job adding tons of new vehicles to GTA Online as part of the The Criminal Enterprises update. With more selections coming to the game in September, car enthusiasts can buckle up and start collecting them all.

For comprehensive guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki

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