Williams could lower F1 car drag at Monza to replicate Spa’s top speeds

Williams could lower F1 car drag at Monza to replicate Spa's top speeds

Albon finished 10th at Spa-Francorchamps, as the low drag and impressive top speeds of his Williams car allowed him to fend off inherently faster cars.

It was only the Thai driver’s third top 10 of 2022, as Williams has fallen overall to finish last in the pecking order.

When asked by whether Williams can repeat the Spa scenario and score points in Italy, Dave Robson, Williams’ Head of Trackside Engineering, said the Grove team has options to make the car even smoother for the long haul. straights from Monza.

“We have some options to offer even less resistance than in Spa,” replied Robson.

“Whether they are the right thing to do because of the downforce? [requirements], we will have to wait and see how the track conditions are in Monza. But we can certainly lower our resistance level.

“We’ll see what people do and if we still have a speed advantage on the straight. But I think if we can do it and still get out of Parabolica in reasonable shape, I think we’d like to do that.” again.”

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Robson explained that the team didn’t necessarily skew Spa’s set-up toward higher top speeds, but simply followed the set-up that predicted the fastest lap time.

“What helped in the race? [at Spa] was clearly our top speed relative to the others, but we didn’t, especially for top speed, in the sense that we did what we thought was best for the lap time of our car,” he added.

“We wanted to be fast on the straights because we knew we would inherit some places in Spa with the engine penalties, but it was not our main motivation for how we set up the car.”

“Of course Monza is a little different, and it will depend on what other people bring.”