‘You don’t have to decide now’: Lamborghini CEO goes all electric

'You don't have to decide now': Lamborghini CEO goes all electric

Lamborghini announced that its first EV, a four-seat two-door car, will appear in eight years, by 2030.

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Aug 03, 2022, 10:02 am

Lamborghini posted its best-ever sales results last year, with 8,405 vehicles delivered worldwide. (Lamborghini)

Although Lamborghini will spend more than $1.8 billion on hybridization of its rowdy and powerful supercars by 2024, the company has yet to specify when, and if ever, it will focus solely on electric vehicles. While brands like Audi and Bentley have already committed a timeline to switch to electric vehicles, Lamborghini chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann believes the brand doesn’t have to decide now to go all-electric.

During a roundtable discussion with reporters, when Winkelmann was asked whether the company planned to switch its fleet to electric-only vehicles, he said: “We have at least a few years to decide.” In the meantime, the Italian sports car maker has announced that its first EV, a two-door, four-seat vehicle, will hit the market in eight years, by 2030. However, the company’s hybrids are likely to be few compared to the volume of the V12 engines the brand is known for.

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Lamborghini’s parent company has already pledged more than $90 billion to develop new electrical technology over the next decade. Other brands of the group can help Lamborghini avoid having to develop an electric platform now. And while the company has some pressure to develop fast hybrid vehicles, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of its cars should go all-electric anytime soon.

Last year, Lamborghini posted its best sales record ever, with 8,405 vehicles delivered worldwide. During the first six months of this year, the company delivered 5,090 vehicles worldwide, an increase of nearly 5% from last year and the highest number ever in the company’s history. The automaker’s operating profit rose 69.6% and it has sold out all of its vehicles for the next 18 months. “We see that we can continue to get more out of every car,” Winkelmann said.

Date of first publication: Aug 03, 2022, 10:01 AM IST