You need the world’s best dyno for the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

You need the world's best dyno for the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

Bugatti says wheel slip and flex are reduced compared to a two-roller dyno. As a result, the specially made Michelin tires heat up less, allowing higher speeds. In all, this dyno allows speeds of up to 248 mph, pretty close to the Chiron Super Sport’s top speed of 304 mph. At the dyno’s top speed of 248 mph, the tires on the SS rotate more than 50 times per second.

The size of the thing is as impressive as the power it can hold. It may not look like much, as much of its mass is hidden beneath the immaculately clean shop floor. A single roller set weighs 3.5 tons and the rotating mass is approximately 1,578 lbs. At the rear, the rollers with hydraulic drives can be adapted to the wheelbase of each car. In addition, the roller’s advanced systems ensure that cars can still brake safely, rather than slowing down slowly as you normally see on video footage.

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