YouTuber regrets buying the Mini John Cooper Works GP

2012 Mini JCW GP, grey, front quarter view with presenter at side

We love to report on the very best sports cars; but sometimes it’s good to see the worst cars to appreciate the good ones.

It makes for some good and sometimes hair-raising viewing experiences and today, on on behalf of The Fast Lane Car channel on YouTubewe get to see their worst car purchase, with a full walk around the bad – and good – bits.

Warning: Sometimes it’s ugly, but we also like to celebrate iconic cars, regardless of condition – and this is an iconic car from BMW† a Mini John Cooper Works GP.

Let’s see if it really is as bad as they say and if it seems salvageable – keep a good car from ending up in the scrap heap.

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The Fast Lane Car Mini GP is in a bad state

The performance variants of Mini are called ‘John Cooper Works’ cars, and the Mini Cooper JCW GP is a very special car. The video’s host claims that the model is rare and prices are generally high.

However, this one is not expensive; the team ends up buying it undetected for $10,000 less than the average price of $25,000 for a model in “good” condition.

That means there are a few cosmetic issues that the video covers in detail: including the first red flag – a hood that doesn’t close properly, leaving large gaps in the panel, indicating a potential repair or replacement.

The fun between the panels continues all around the car, indicating a major accident on a track and exterior repair work.

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BMW’s Mini JCW GP is a mini powerhouse and great used buy

The Mini from the Fast Lane Car is a bad example of the Mini GP: a car with many merits – if you find one in better condition, it could be all the car you need on and off the track.

With a 2-liter engine that puts out about 220 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque, the second or third generation Mini featured in the video is an esteemed and collectible car with some of the best driveability not only in its class, but in general.

Unfortunately, over the 8-10 years of its life, this car suffered some sort of crash as the video describes the various loose panels, lights, shovels and fuel filler cap, not to mention peeling paint.

In fact, this video teaches us the virtue of magnets as we learn that a significant portion of the driver’s side of the car is actually putty and not metal – a sign of repair work.

An engine management light, airbag light and other issues are also present, but the engine is great, which is arguably the highlight of the car.

In addition, GP cars also have improved 6-piston brakes, semi-slick tires and carbon wing, among other interior accessories, making it a very stylish, very fast and sometimes very tricky car.

Always try before you buy; but we certainly wouldn’t pass on a Mini GP to transform those weekend blowouts on that favorite road, even if the paint is peeling.

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